Klondike Fire (Wildfire)

7 hours 14 minutes ago
September 19 Current daily fire update for Klondike and Taylor Creek Fires. Daily briefing videos are posted on our Facebook page for Klondike West Zone. Click here for video on fire behavior and the use of retardants and gels. Road ClosuresBear Camp Road (23 road) is now open. Anyone who travels the road is asked to use reduced speed as there will still be heavy fire traffic on this narrow, windy road. All other road closures remain in effect. See link below for web page listing all road closures within the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. Evacuation Level The evacuation status in the Agness area has been downgraded to Level 1, which means ‘be ready’ for potential evacuation.HistoryThe Klondike Fire is burning in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. The fire started on July 15 from a lightning strike in the area of Klondike Creek about 9 miles southwest of Selma, OR.The Klondike West fire is actively burning in the footprint of the 2002 Biscuit Fire and in the...

Bald Mountain (Wildfire)

7 hours 20 minutes ago
The Bald Mountain Fire started by lightning on August 24 at 1223 hours in the Mount Nebo Wilderness just off the top of Bald Mountain. Due to the recent rain, a reduction in fire danger, and it being a natural ignition at just below 11,000’ in the wilderness, the decision was made to employ a monitor strategy. Over the course of the next 2-3 weeks, the fire only grew to about 20 acres. On the afternoon of September 12, the fire became very active due to low RH and high winds and the fire quickly spread off the mountain and continued to actively burn. See https://www.facebook.com/pg/BaldMountainFire/ for current

Miriam Fire BAER (Burned Area Emergency Response)

7 hours 27 minutes ago
The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest has assembled a Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) assessment team to analyze post-fire condition of burned watersheds and to plan emergency stabilization treatments for the Cougar Fire. The team will conduct field surveys and analyze satellite imagery to develop burned area assessments.Reports and maps of the burned area assessments will be available on this site. There is other general information about BAER, rehabilitation, flood preparation, photos and links to weather and flood warnings available on the Central Washington Baer web page.Concerned landowners should contact Cascadia Conservation District for private property concerns and/or Chelan County Public Works about specific road or bridge

Riggs Fire & Lonely Fire (Wildfire)

7 hours 28 minutes ago
The Riggs fire and the Lonely Fire continue to grow in size on lands administered by the Dixie National Forest, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Kanab Field Office BLM. The Lonely Fire is about 1.5 miles north of the Riggs fire. The Lonely fire was also started by lightning, and is managed under the same incident command as the Riggs fire. Decisions to manage or suppress fires are dependent on numerous factors including risk to firefighting resources, public safety, weather, fire behavior, availability of additional support, risk to valuable resources and private property. The area that the Riggs Fire and Lonely Fire are burning has not been impacted by fire for many years resulting in an unnatural buildup of forest fuels. These fires will help to reduce these fuels and return the area to a more natural condition and in turn decrease the risks from unwanted fires. The option to allow some naturally ignited wildland fires to provide benefits to the resource instead of suppressing them...

Cougar Fire BAER (Burned Area Emergency Response)

7 hours 30 minutes ago
The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest has assembled a Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) assessment team to analyze post-fire condition of burned watersheds and to plan emergency stabilization treatments for the Cougar Fire. The team will conduct field surveys and analyze satellite imagery to develop burned area assessments.Reports and maps of the burned area assessments will be available on this site. There is other general information about BAER, rehabilitation, flood preparation, photos and links to weather and flood warnings available at centralwashingtonfirerecovery.info/ Concerned landowners should contact Cascadia Conservation District for private property concerns and/or Chelan County Public Works about specific road or bridge

Boone Draw (Wildfire)

7 hours 58 minutes ago
The fire is currently being managed by a Type 4 organization. There has been no growth for several days as firefighters continue to secure containment lines.

Davis Fire (Wildfire)

8 hours ago
The Three Rivers District has assumed command of the Davis Fire. Resources continue slash removal and fire suppression rehabilitation. Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering, no new growth. Updates will take place weekly or if there is significant fire growth or changes in the closure order.

Whale Butte Fire (Wildfire)

8 hours 10 minutes ago
The Whale Butte Fire is burning in the Flathead National Forest 10 miles northwest of Polebridge, Montana. This fire is being managed with modified confine and contain tactics, with fire fighter and public safety as a priority. The fire is burning in steep terrain with subalpine forest and brushy avalanche chutes. Following lightning storms across the Flathead National Forest evening of August 11, the Whale Butte Fire was detected the next morning. A Type 1 Fire Management Team is assigned to the fire. Video of the September 4th community meeting is available at https://youtu.be/Vcn-br-QV9A A story map of the progression of the fire is available at http://nifc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=25498813ba044f548c2315e9eb6d2d22

Ryan Fire (Wildfire)

8 hours 39 minutes ago
Air and Ground Resources Scouting Ryan Fire Current Situation: On Tuesday, additional firefighting resources arrived to assist on the Ryan Fire. Gusty afternoon winds created a small column of smoke that was visible from Walden, CO; however, the fire only grew 42 acres. The Ryan Fire is currently 2,512 acres with no containment and the cause remains under investigation. On Wednesday, firefighters will continue scouting for opportunities to minimize perimeter growth. Traditional suppression tactics in this beetle-killed lodgepole pine forest have limited success and pose exceptional risk to firefighter safety. Firefighters will seek possibilities to engage the fire in fuel types that are more supportive of traditional suppression tactics, where we have the highest probability of success. Weather: Warm, dry conditions continue with a slight chance of storms on Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures will be in the 70s with a minimum relative humidity value of 20...

Stadium Fire (Wildfire)

8 hours 52 minutes ago
The Stadium Fire was detected by Spotted Bear Lookout on September 15th, 2018 around 2pm. The fire is burning on the ridge between Stadium and High Rock drainages within the Bob Marshall

Basket Fire (Wildfire)

9 hours 3 minutes ago
The Basket Fire was reported, Saturday, Sept.15, at approximately 7:00 a.m. by Kern County Fire Dept. The fire is located in the Greenhorn Mountains, near Rancheria Road and Poso Creek. Incident Commander is Ed Fulton, and IC (trainee), Geoff Gillespie, both forest service fire fighters. Today, (9/19) resources on scene are overhead, a hand crew, a patrol and an engine. Containment is at 95% on 9/19/18. 26 fire fighters remain on scene, extinguishing several hot spots, pulling all hose and hardware, and have completed a 400 foot perimeter mop-up line. In addition. a resource advisor has responded to begin preparing a rehabilitation plan for the burn area.Fire has been determined to be human caused and remains under

Juliet Fire (Wildfire)

9 hours 4 minutes ago
The Juliet Fire was detected on August 22nd, 2018 and is burning in the upper White River within the Bob Marshall Wilderness. On September 16th, there was some wind driven fire activity in Pedro Creek below the Wall Creek Cliffs. As a whole, the Juliet Fire has been significantly less active as colder temperatures remain throughout the region. The fire burning in the upper end of the Wall Creek drainage has reached the 2012 Wall Creek Fire burn scar. The previous fire has significantly slowed current fire activity in this area. The fire is creeping and smoldering in Hoop, Upper Juliet, and Wall Creeks. The previous spot fire that had established in the headwaters of Juliet Creek continues to slowly creep towards the Continental Divide near My Lake. The area reported 0.04" of rain on September 15th. Trail closures remain in place, including the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT). The Moose Fire to the east of the divide has also resulted in closures on the CDT. We will...

Pole Creek Fire (Wildfire)

9 hours 45 minutes ago
The Pole Creek Fire started by lightning on September 6 at 1039 hours. On September 10, wind speeds increased dramatically and the fire made very large runs over the same 48 hour period as the Bald Mountain Fire burning to the west. The Pole Creek Fire has jumped Highway 89 to the east and is burning into the Coal Hollow Fire area that burned in early August, 2018. In addition, the Pole Creek Fire has jumped north over Highway 6 and is burning up Diamond Fork Canyon. Great Basin Incident Management Team #1 (Adell) is managing the fire out of its Incident Command Post in Spanish Fork City at the fairgrounds.

Marten Creek Fire (Wildfire)

10 hours 31 minutes ago
This fire is approximately 13 mile west of Afton, WY. Fire personell have been working to evacuate campers from the area and setting up a unified command. Western Wyoming Type III Team 2 has taken command of the fire. A closure order has been implemented. The Greys River Rd #10138 is closed south of Sheep Creek/McDougal Gap road and Greys River confluence to Spring Creek road. An Emergency Area Closure has also been

Stadler Fire (Wildfire)

10 hours 33 minutes ago
The Stadler Fire was detected on September 7th, 2018, and is burning in the Stadler Creek drainage within the Bob Marshall Wilderness.The fire is burning 4 miles to the east of Basin Cabin, and is currently not a threat. The fire continues to smolder and creep, but has shown no substantial growth. The situation will be monitored carefully; structure protection equipment and personnel are on standby. Trail closures have been implemented as of September 8th; closure maps have been posted. On the Spotted Bear Ranger District, the Stadler Creek Trail #271 is closed in its entirety from the junction with Danaher Creek Trail #126 to its terminus at Stadler Pass. On the Rocky Mountain Ranger District, the Hoadley Creek Trail #266 is closed from Stadler Pass/Continental Divide and continues northeast to the junction with the East Fork Ahorn Creek Trail #225.

Cat Fire (Wildfire)

11 hours 21 minutes ago
Warm and dry conditions punctuated by periods of high winds in early September have resulted in increased activity on the Cat Fire. Fire managers have ordered additional ground crews to assist with fireline construction ahead of the fire. The Cat Fire remains at 0% containment. Containment figures are calculated based on a fire's interaction with constructed or natural fireline. Since the Cat Fire has not burned up to the constructed or natural firelines, no official containment has been reached; however, the fire remains within the initial planning area set by fire managers.Smoke update: Smoke continues to be visible from a wide area around the plateau. Smoke impacts have been minimal thus far but may occasionally effect the communities to the north and the northeast. Motorists are asked to always use caution when driving near or around all fires. For more information on local air quality resources, please visit

Bull Draw Fire (Wildfire)

11 hours 28 minutes ago
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 Acres: 32,545 acres as of September 18 1650 hrs Containment: 60% Personnel: 118 Due to increased fire activity, and to provide for firefighter and public safety, the Forest closure area was expanded yesterday. The new closure includes National Forest System Road (NFSR) 402 (Divide Road) from the junction of NFSR 408 (Dominguez Road) and NFSR 402 (Divide Road) (approximately 21.5 miles south of the junction of HWY 141/NFSR 402), south to the junction of NFSR 600 (Windy Point Junction) and NFSR 402 (Divide Road). The closure is approximately 17 miles. Yesterday the fire was active along NFSR 402 (Divide Road), including the Big Atkinson drainage area, NFSR 422, NFSR 407, and near the UC Cow Camp. Crews were successful in catching spot fires that appeared outside of the fire perimeter, and used burnout operations along NFSR 402 (Divide Road) to decrease the amount of available fuel between the road and the active flame front, creating stronger...

Hurricane Florence - Raleigh RSOI (Hurricane)

11 hours 43 minutes ago
In response to Hurricane Florence's ongoing impacts to North Carolina, the N.C. Emergency Management, N.C. National Guard and the N.C. Forest Service are operating a Raleigh-based Receiving Staging Onward Movement Integration (RSOI) facility. Personnel are supporting and tracking response operations for approximately 1,000 responders, some of which began arriving Tuesday, September 11. As of Saturday, September 16, 25 states have sent emergency responders to the Raleigh RSOI facility. Resources from across the nation are being checked in and logistically supplied, tracked, briefed and deployed throughout the state where needed.

Roosevelt Fire (Wildfire)

12 hours 9 minutes ago
This fire was reported to Teton Interagency Dispatch on Saturday afternoon by hunters. Red Flag conditions with high winds and low humidity caused the fire to quickly grow. Fire is burning in dense timber, steep rugged

Dolores Ranger District Prescribed Fire (Prescribed Fire)

12 hours 33 minutes ago
The South Carver burn, will take place three miles north of Summit Reservoir near the intersection of Forest roads 556 and 557 in the Carver Canyon area of Haycamp Mesa. Approximately 1,200 acres will be burned by hand crews over five to seven days. The goal is reduce slash left from a previous timber sale and reduce the buildup of natural fuels.The Lake Canyon prescribed burn will take place 12 miles east of Dove Creek, near the Glade area west and south of Forest roads 504 and 509. Both hand and aerial ignition methods will be used for two to five days to ignite 2,700 acres. The goal is to reduce ground litter by mimicking historic fire-return intervals. Smoke may be visible from Dove Creek, Cortez, Colorado Highway 491 between Dove Creek and Pleasant View areas. Smoke may settle into the low lying valleys and the Dolores River Canyon
7 hours 13 minutes ago
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