Pine Cove Rx (Prescribed Fire)

3 weeks 6 days ago
U.S. Forest Service fire crews have broadcast burned 45 of 234 acres to the west of Pine Cove, which is north of Idyllwild. The project, which will be occuring intermittently over the winter when conditions are safe for burning, is part of a larger effort to create defensible space between neighborhoods and wildland areas in the San Jacinto Mountains. Smoke and flame may be seen from a distance. Dec. 21, 2018: Burning went well with an additional five acres treated. The area will be staffed overnight. There are no plans for additional burning this weekend and upcoming

Kaibab NF South Zone Rx Fire (Prescribed Fire)

4 weeks ago
Kaibab National Forest fire officials are alerting the public that recent prescribed fire activities may be visible at several locations across the Williams and Tusayan Ranger Districts over the next several days and could possibly linger into the approaching Christmas holiday. Forest visitors may see fire activity from recent pile burning operations that have been occurring over the past two weeks on the Kaibab National Forest. Low intensity surface creeping, smoldering logs, and light smoke in the vicinity of these project areas will continue to be visible as unseasonable warmer and dryer weather continues into the week ahead. All of these active burns are confined within their containment boundaries, and pose no control problems as they continue to consume debris. As winter weather conditions continue on the Kaibab National Forest, fire managers will look for additional opportunities to treat landscapes whenever appropriate. Fuels reduction efforts on Bill Williams Mountain on...

Kern River Ranger District Prescribed RX (Prescribed Fire)

4 weeks 1 day ago
Please slow down and use caution when driving near prescribed burn operations - fire fighter and public safety are our # 1 priority. 25 piles for 4 acres were completed at Road's End today, Tuesday, Dec. 18th. Wednesday, Dec. 19th crews plan to burn the remaining 30 piles in Riverkern.Thursday, Dec. 20th crews plan to burn piles in Boulder Gulch Campground.Kernville, Ca….November/December 2017-2018: Hazardous Fuels Reduction projects are scheduled this winter/spring on three mountaintops within the Kern River Ranger District on the Sequoia National Forest, as well as some lower elevation burning near communities around Isabella Lake.Fire managers work closely with the Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District to manage smoke production and reduce any local impacts.Forest Service crews prep fire lines and cut ladder fuels to prepare for burning during winter months. Prep work is necessary to ensure the project work is accomplished safely and to provide control measures. The pile...

Shasta-Trinity Prescribed Fires 2018-19 (Prescribed Fire)

4 weeks 2 days ago
See the 'Announcements' and 'News' Tabs for the latest information on planned prescribed burns. As temperatures drop and the first precipitation of the season arrives, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest is conducting its fall, winter and spring prescribed fire projects. “The 2018 fire season has provided significant firefighting challenges for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, our partners and cooperators. In order to meet future challenges in the most effective way possible, the forest will continue to use tools such as prescribed burning in our mission to reduce build-up of hazardous fuels, restore forest ecosystems and improve safety of communities within the wildland urban interface,” explained Forest Fire Management Officer Ben Newburn. Pre-planned prescribed fire projects may take place at specific locations across the forest from October through June 2019. Actual project ignition will depend upon local weather and fuel conditions. Planned projects include burn piles and...

Green Canyon Rx (Prescribed Fire)

1 month ago
U.S. Forest Service fire crews will burn slash piles from 260 acres of vegetation thinning to the south of Sugarloaf, which sits on the southeastern end of the Big Bear Valley area. The project, which will only occur when conditions are safe for burning, is part of a larger effort to create defensible space between neighborhoods and wildland areas. Smoke and flame may be seen from a distance. Dec. 17, 2018: Due to high humidity and fuel moisture, a test burn of the piles was unsuccessful Monday morning. Crews will re-evaluate for another day and instead plan to pile burn at the Fawnskin Fire Station on the north side of the lake on Tues., Dec. 18.

Alder, Mountaineer, and Moses Fires (Wildfire)

1 month ago
As of December 17, 2018 three wildfires in the Western Divide Ranger District, ignited by lightning in early October, have been declared out. It appears precipitation received in recent storms was enough to extinguish the fires. No visible smoke has been observed for over a week, if any hot spots remain, they are interior without risk of spreading. The Alder, Mountaineer, and Moses Wildfires, burned in dense timber stands with extensive tree mortality and heavy fuel loading on the ground. “A confine-contain suppression strategy was used by Fire Management personnel” stated District Ranger Eric LaPrice. “I made the decision to use this strategy on all three fires to reduce the risks to firefighters from standing dead trees and steep, rugged terrain.”This will be the last Inciweb update for these

2N10 Rx (Prescribed Fire)

1 month ago
U.S. Forest Service fire crews will burn slash piles from 181 acres of vegetation thinning to the west of Moonridge, which is adjacent to Bear Mountain Ski Resort and southeast of Big Bear Village. The project, which will only occur when conditions are safe for burning, is part of a larger effort to create defensible space between neighborhoods and wildland areas. Smoke and flame may be seen from a distance. Dec. 17, 2018: Crews plan to begin pile burning on the neighboring Green Canyon unit and may work on the 2N10 unit later in the week.

Angelus Oaks Rx (Prescribed Fire)

1 month ago
U.S. Forest Service fire crews will pile and broadcast burn 273 acres around Angelus Oaks off Highway 38. The project, which will occur intermittently over the winter when conditions are safe for burning, is part of a larger effort to create defensible space between neighborhoods and wildland areas in the San Bernardino Mountains. Smoke and flame may be seen from a distance. Tues., Dec. 18: Crews plan to treat 10 acres through pile burning on the east side of the community behind Spruce Ct. and Spruce Ave. Hikers at the San Bernardino Peak Trail trailhead may also see work being done.

Hoosier National Forest Prescribed Burns (Prescribed Fire)

1 month ago
Fire managers on the Hoosier National Forest (NF) intend to begin utilizing prescribed fire as a forest management tool in the coming weeks. All prescribed burns are dependent upon several factors, including but not limited to favorable weather and site conditions. Fire managers will be evaluating conditions to ensure compliance with policy and utilization of best management practices. Test burns will occur prior to ignition of any unit to monitor fire behavior and smoke lift and dispersion. At this time there are areas planned in Jackson, Martin, Orange, and Perry Counties. Each of the areas has been identified to improve wildlife habitat or restore woodlands. In some cases wetlands, woodlands, or barrens are being restored; in others, the fire is used to enhance oak-hickory regeneration or to maintain early successional habitat in wildlife openings There are 18 sites that are available to burn; encompassing a total of approximately 4,500 acres. The more burn units the Hoosier NF...

Tonto National Forest Rx Burns 2018 (Prescribed Fire)

1 month 2 weeks ago
Prescribed fires are essential tools for restoring the forest in our fire-adapted ecosystem, and smoke is an unavoidable byproduct of these vital efforts. Fire managers strive to minimize smoke impacts to the community as much as possible. They burn when winds and other atmospheric conditions will push the majority of smoke away from homes; they will burn larger sections at a time to limit the number of days smoke is in the air, and they work closely with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, as well as neighboring forests to monitor air quality.Crews also seek opportunities to use slash from thinning projects around the community instead of burning it. It is often used s filler at the landfill and offered as firewood to community members. Forests need the frequent, low intensity fire to remove accumulated smaller fuels and recycle nutrients into the soils to promote healthy vegetation and wildlife habitat. A healthier forest is a safer forest for firefighters and residents...

Shasta-Trinity NF Post-Fire BAER (Burned Area Emergency Response)

1 month 2 weeks ago
Burned Area Emergency Response Team is working on the Hirz and Delta Fires The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is working with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bureau of Land Management, local counties, California Department of Transportation, and other federal, state and local agencies to assess potential post-fire impacts to watersheds burned by the Hirz and Delta Fires. “The BAER assessment for the Hirz and Delta Fires is vitally important for the current and future management of watersheds within the fire impacted area,” stated Scott Russell, Forest Supervisor for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. “We are fortunate to have the involvement of a wide cross section of representatives from local, state, and Federal agencies/organizations and private land owners to help ensure effective coordination across jurisdictions.”The BAER assessment team is evaluating watershed conditions to determine the level of potential risks to human life, safety, property, natural...

Delta Fire (Wildfire)

1 month 2 weeks ago
The Delta Fire was declared controlled on November 28, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. What is the difference between contained and controlled? Please see this fire terminology website: on suppression repair continues on the Delta Fire. Repair activities include grading heavily used roads, repairing damaged culverts, replacing vegetation, installing waterbars on dozer lines and hand lines to prevent erosion and recovering timber damaged during suppression efforts.The Forest Closer Order number 14-18-20 is still in place. For specific recreation information contact the Weaverville Ranger Station (530) 623-2121, the Shasta Lake Ranger District (530) 275-1587, or the Mt. Shasta Ranger Station (530) 926-4511 for specific information.For Delta/Hirz Fire Burned Area Emergency Response Information, please visit the BAER InciWeb site at: any additional fire information contact the Shasta-Trinity National...

Eden Fire (Wildfire)

1 month 2 weeks ago
Burning since October 4th in the John Krebs Wilderness of Sequoia National Park, the 1,777 acre lightning-caused Eden Fire is now 90% contained. The onset of winter-like weather and a combination of visual and infrared flights this week have shown the fire’s growth to be very limited. Located in and adjacent to the Eden Creek Grove of giant sequoias, the terrain is steep and rugged with no access via the ground. The fire is working its way through an area that has no modern recorded fire history of significance. This fire should be seen as a success story for the health and well-being of our public lands. By not taking any direct suppression action on this fire, the parks did not put any on the ground firefighters at risk, created contemporary fire history in an area that has over a century of extreme fuel loading, and greatly reduced costs and risks associated with suppressing all fires, all the time. Compared to the 2018 Horse Creek Fire in the same area, the Eden Fire cost...

Bighorn Sheep Prescribed Burn (Prescribed Fire)

1 month 3 weeks ago
Fire managers on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District are monitoring conditions on the Roosevelt National Forest to conduct the Bighorn Sheep Prescribed Burn in the Poudre Canyon this winter in an effort to improve wildlife habitat and reduce hazardous fuels. Burning could take place as conditions allow throughout the winter. This prescribed burn is located on the north side of the Poudre Canyon near the Roaring Creek Trailhead, approximately eight miles west of Rustic. The project is 636 acres, with 85% of these acres on National Forest System lands and the other 15% on Colorado Parks and Wildlife lands. This winter, burning would take place when south facing slopes within the project area have minimal to no snow and north facing slopes have snow cover to contain the burn. Appropriate conditions must be met before burning can take place, including favorable weather forecast (wind, precipitation, etc.), fuel moisture, smoke dispersal and staffing. Weather is monitored throughout the...

Camp Fire (Wildfire)

1 month 3 weeks ago
Chico, CA - November 25, 2018: This will be the final posting of Inciweb for the Camp Fire. While the fire is 100% contained, non-fire operations are ongoing. To sign up for continuing information, press releases and announcements: recovery information and continuing evacuations locations and status visit: For information regarding the Plumas National Forest Area Closure: local forest concerns, please contact:Feather River Ranger District875 Mitchell Ave, Oroville, CA 95965(530) 534-6500 Additional links: public information map, operations map, evacuation map, fire progression map, fire history map, Camp Fire Structure Status map and for previous updates. Containment of the Camp Fire is now 100%. Fire suppression repair personnel continue to conduct suppression repair where possible. Search and Rescue Crews, US&R Teams, and engine companies continue to...
6 hours 55 minutes ago
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