Your Official Documents

During a disaster, some of your important personal documents may be lost or damaged. These resources may be able to help you recover or replace them.

Replace Your Vital Documents
Browse a list of sites where you can replace everything from your Social Security card to your passport. Find guidance for things like birth certificates, Medicare cards, green cards, tax returns, and even school records. (

Emergency Salvage of Flood Damaged Family Papers
Get tips on how to care for papers damaged by a flood. Tips cover things like books, documents, photos, negatives, and movie film. Get information about mold as well as cleaning and drying tips. (National Archives)

How  to Replace U.S. Currency
Find out how to submit a claim for damaged or mutilated currency. There’s information for both paper notes and coins. (Department of the Treasury)

Replacing Paper U.S. Savings Bonds
Learn how you can replace lost or destroyed paper savings bonds through TreasuryDirect. The Treasury no longer issues paper savings bonds. See the website for details. (Department of the Treasury)

Identity Theft  
Find out how to protect yourself against identity theft, especially when you’ve lost important documents. Learn actions you can take and how to avoid scams. (Federal Trade Commission)

Last Updated: 03/23/2021