Oregon Lakes (Wildfire)

9 hours 24 minutes ago
The Type 2 Alaska Incident Management Green Team led by Incident Commander Norm McDonald took over management of the fire on May 7, 2019. This remote fire was reported at about 1 p.m. on April 30 and so far, has been burning in the Oregon Lakes Impact Area, an area that is unsafe for firefighters and low-flying fire suppression aircraft due to the likelihood of unexploded ordinance on the ground. It is burning mostly in downed trees from the 2013 Mississippi Fire and tall, dry grass and on the west side of the Delta River. It is in a limited protection area about 11 miles southwest of Delta Junction and is not immediately threatening any structures, military targets or valuable resources. However, because it is burning in the Delta River drainage with known challenging weather patterns that could cause the fire to persist throughout the summer, the team was activated to come up with short- and long-term plans to launch suppression tactics once the fire moves out of the military impact...

Maroon Fire (Wildfire)

17 hours 14 minutes ago
The Maroon Fire is a lightning fire discovered May 16, 2019 at 3:46 p.m. This fire is in monitor status and has grown to 26 acres as of May 20, 2019 at 4

Patterson Fire (Wildfire)

1 day 12 hours ago
The Patterson Fire near Roswell, NM in Chaves County is now 90% contained and estimated at 987 acres. The threat to homes and Bottomless Lakes State Park has passed. Firefighters will continue to mop up and strengthen containment lines. Smoke may continue to be seen in the area.

Shasta-Trinity Prescribed Fires 2018-19 (Prescribed Fire)

1 day 15 hours ago
See the 'Announcements' and 'News' Tabs for the latest information on planned prescribed burns. As temperatures drop and the first precipitation of the season arrives, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest is conducting its fall, winter and spring prescribed fire projects. “The 2018 fire season has provided significant firefighting challenges for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, our partners and cooperators. In order to meet future challenges in the most effective way possible, the forest will continue to use tools such as prescribed burning in our mission to reduce build-up of hazardous fuels, restore forest ecosystems and improve safety of communities within the wildland urban interface,” explained Forest Fire Management Officer Ben Newburn. Pre-planned prescribed fire projects may take place at specific locations across the forest from October through June 2019. Actual project ignition will depend upon local weather and fuel conditions. Planned projects include burn piles and...

Indian Peaks Prescribed Fire (Prescribed Fire)

1 day 17 hours ago
The Black Range Ranger District is prepared and ready to implement the Indian Peaks Prescribed Fire Project. The estimated project size is 9,400 acres on National Forest System lands, and an additional 600 acres of New Mexico State Trust Lands and private property inholdings. The district is closely monitoring onsite fuel conditions and forecasted weather. This project area includes portions of Mule, Bear and Kennedy Canyons located northeast of Beaverhead Work Center.

Nabokov Blue Prescribed Fire-Plouff Ck (Prescribed Fire)

1 day 18 hours ago
Anticipated Dates of Burn: Historically the burns take place between the last week in April and the first three weeks in May, however, burn dates in 2019 will be scheduled anytime during the spring, summer and fall months. Location and Sizes: The Plouff Creek units are located in Township 61 North, Range 5 West Section 2 and approximately 4 miles southwest of the Sawbill Lake Campground. Unit 1 is 17 acres, and Unit 5 is 4 acres. The Track Lake unit is located in Township 62 North, Range 1 West, Section 1 and approximately 3 miles east of Two Island Lake. The Track Lake unit is 7 acres. The Old Bill unit is located in Township 61 North, Range 4 West, Section 18 and approximately 14 miles north of the town of Tofte. The Old Bill unit is 6 acres. The Hoist Lake unit is located in Township 60 North, Range 7 West, Section 35, and approximately 10 miles east of the town of Isabella. The Hoist Lake unit is 6 acres. PURPOSE: Stimulate growth of Dwarf Bilberry, and reduce brush to keep...

Compartment #1 Fire (Wildfire)

1 day 21 hours ago
At approximately noon on Sunday May 19, a wildfire was reported in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge on the northern end of the refuge, about 1/2 mile east of Okefenokee Swamp Park in Waycross. Crews from both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Georgia Forestry Commission arrived on scene with Type VI engines and tractor plow units. Working until well after dark on Sunday, crews were able to establish a plow line around the fire to create containment and will continue mopping up any smoke that remains on the fire in the coming days. The weather is forecast to be extremely hot and dry for this week and into the holiday weekend, so fire crews will be extra vigilant in ensuring containment is maintained on this fire and that any new starts are extinguished as quickly as

Bluff Mesa Rx (Prescribed Fire)

2 days 16 hours ago
Update (Sunday, May 19, 2019) - Due to the current storm system and resulting moisture on the ground, the Bluff Mesa prescribed burn has been delayed. Crews will re-evaluate and return this spring when and if conditions are safe and productive. An announcement will be made if a new date is determined.Original Notice - To help create defensible space and restore a meadow, crews are planning to treat 178 acres in an area to the southwest of Big Bear Lake beginning Monday, May 20. The area targeted is to the north and south of Bluff Meadow. Other areas in the 867-acre project will be treated later in the year if conditions allow. Smoke will be visible in the immediate area and may even be seen from areas off the mountain. The low-intensity prescribed burn will target needle cast and duff on forest floor. Lightning strike-caused fires historically frequented the area, but with fire suppression over the last century, the duff layer has built up. An unmanaged fire in the duff can reach the...

Mica Bowl Rx (Prescribed Fire)

3 days 11 hours ago
Saguaro National Park Plans Prescribed Fire in Rincon Mountains Fire managers at Saguaro National Park plan to conduct a prescribed burn on Mica Mountain in the Saguaro Wilderness of the Rincon Mountain District (Saguaro East) the week of May 13th when conditions are favorable. Planned ignition is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 14th 2019.The Mica Bowl Prescribed Burn area is divided into several burn units. Up to 541 acres may be treated with prescribed fire. Ignitions may continue for approximately two - three days. Fire managers will only conduct the prescribed burn when environmental factors such as wind, temperature, and relative humidity are favorable. Additional information, including a map and updates will be posted on https://www.nps.gov/sagu/learn/nature/fire-updates.htm. The following backcountry trails will be closed during prescribed burn operations: Bonita, Spud Rock, Mica Mountain, Mica Meadow, Fire Loop/Heartbreak Ridge (between the junctions of Mica Mountain...

Tunnel Prescribed Fire (Prescribed Fire)

4 days ago
Location and size: 16 Miles North of Tofte, MN off of Forest Service Road 1278 Township 62 N, Range 4 W, Section 33. One unit totaling 71 acres will be burned. Purpose: Prescribed fire will be used under favorable conditions to reduce post-harvest logging slash. The removal of logging slash with prescribed fire will prepare the site for natural pine seeding by removing competing vegetation and exposing the mineral soil to receive seeds from overstory trees. Prescribed fire will also aid in the reduction of vegetative fuels that could increase the potential for a wildfire to start and spread. Closure Information: Smoke warning signs will be placed along Forest Service Road 170 “The Grade” road. No closures are anticipated.

San Juan NF Prescribed Fire Program (Prescribed Fire)

5 days 1 hour ago
Update 5/17/19 - Thursday's prescribed fire efforts successfully burned 213 acres in the Brockover area west of Pagosa Springs. Wind and scattered showers are expected for the next few days, suspending prescribed fire operations until conditions improve. The units are between the Gopher Trail and Turkey Springs Road. Future operations will be dependent on weather and fuels conditions. The units consist of ponderosa pine, Gambel oak and grass. The area has received previous fuels-reduction treatments. This Turkey Springs/Brockover Mesa project expands upon previous prescribed fires. It is part of an overall fuels reduction project involving both mechanical treatment and prescribed fire covering approximately 5,000 acres. Maps of the burn units can be found on the maps tab. Updated 5/8/19 - Prescribed Fire accomplishments for the past couple of weeks in the San Juan National ForestDolores Ranger District - completed all of the South Carver units targeted for spring, total accomplishment...

Norwegian Island Prescribed Fire 2019 (Prescribed Fire)

5 days 23 hours ago
The Norwegian Island Prescribed Fire Unit is designed to meet multiple Forest management objectives. Using understory prescribed fire on the island will result in fuels reduction which removes needles and other surface litter and balsam fir to create and maintain a more open understory that will in turn reduce the potential for a wildfire to start and spread. Prescribed fire treatments also create a patchwork or mosaic of fire-resistant forest stands in the landscape that can also reduce the intensity of future wildfires. Precise ignition methods will be utilized to start the fire and natural lines will be used to control and hold the fire. Hose-lays supplied by water pumps or other water delivery equipment will supplement the holding actions where needed. Fire crews will monitor the prescribed fire until it is declared out.

Payette NF Prescribed Fire, 2019 (Prescribed Fire)

1 week ago
See the 'Announcements' and 'News' Tabs for the latest information on planned prescribed burns. For detailed information regarding prescribed fires on the Payette, visit our on-line Southwest Idaho Interagency Fuels Treatments Map.The Payette National Forest will be conducting multiple prescribed fires this spring. Depending on weather conditions burns could take place anytime from April to early July. These prescribed fires reduce surface fuels, increase height of the canopy, reduce small tree densities, and promote fire resilient trees. This will improve our ability to protect communities from wildfire as well as conserve current and future timber values. These fires also improve wildlife habitat and promote long-term ecosystem integrity and sustainability by reducing the risk of high-severity wildland fire. The Council Ranger District plans to apply fire to:1,500 acres in Mill Creek-Council Mountain project area, 8 miles northeast of Council5,000 acres in the Weasel Fuels...

Brimson Area RX Fire Projects 2019 (Prescribed Fire)

1 week 1 day ago
If weather conditions allow, prescribed fire projects will being in the Brimson area starting May 13th and continue throughout the week. Fire crews will begin with the County Line Unit 204 and continue on to the other units.

2019 Umatilla NF Prescribed Fire (Prescribed Fire)

1 week 2 days ago
The Umatilla National Forest prescribed fire page contains information on the Forest's planned, active and completed prescribed burning for 2019. In general, there are two burn seasons each year to accomplish prescribed fire projects. Early season burns typically occur in late winter through the early fire season in late spring/early summer. Late season burns typically occur in late fire season and into December. The specific dates of a burn during a season is dependent on many variables including wildfire activity, resource availability, current and predicted weather, and smoke management constraints. Frequent, low-intensity fire is essential for healthy forests and reducing the risk of uncharacteristic wildfire caused by excessive fuel buildup. Prescribed burning is an effective tool for removing excessive amounts of brush, shrubs, and trees, while also encouraging the growth of native vegetation. NEW! Prescribed Fire Activity Interactive Map (This interactive map will be best...

South Rim Piles (Prescribed Fire)

1 week 4 days ago
Grand Canyon National Park fire managers anticipate initiating prescribed pile burning this week (5/6/19) as weather and fuel moisture conditions allow. This project is anticipated to last throughout the month of May. As part of the South Rim Piles Project, they will burn 3,500 piles of woody debris east and west of South Entrance Road and south of Highway 64 (Desert View Drive) East. These 5'x5'x5' piles are comprised of slash left after mechanical thinning or cutting of trees within the 150 acre project area, and are being burned as part of a key objective of the project, which is to reduce the fuel load.

2019 Malheur NF Prescribed Fire (Prescribed Fire)

1 week 4 days ago
Starting May 8th, at 11 am Prairie City Ranger District will begin ignitions on Elk 16 Hb, full ignition for the 330 acre unit is scheduled for Friday, May 10. Smoke may be visible from Forest Roads 16 and 1420 for several days. Signs will be posted along Forest Road 1420 for public safety. Please use caution while traveling in the area. Friday May 10th, Emigrant Creek Ranger District fire crews are starting ignition on George unit #103 totaling 2000 acres after. Activity will continue depending on weather, conditions, and if objectives are being met. Blue Mountain Ranger District continuing to monitor conditions to begin spring prescribed fire activity.

Hoyle (Wildfire)

1 week 5 days ago
The Hoyle Fire is 100% contained as of 11:00 a.m. Thursday, May 9, 2019. Crews will continue to monitor the area daily. Some smoke may be visible at times as interior pockets continue to smolder.

Mill Fire (Wildfire)

1 week 6 days ago
Effective 5/8 at 1700 the Type 3 Incident Management Team effectively transferred command back to the District and a local Type 4 Incident Commander. The fire received measurable rain over the last 2 days effectively reducing fire activity. Today's (5/8) reconnaissance flight over the fire area revealed no smoke or evidence of internal heat. The fire remains 179 acres, with containment increasing to 75%. No growth is anticipated. The fire's specific cause remains under investigation. This will be the final update to this incident.

Slide Fire (Wildfire)

2 weeks ago
The Slide Fire started May 1, 2019 and is a lightning caused fire. One engine with 7 crew members and one fire effects monitor are currently on the fire. The fire is 72 acres and is burning approximately 65 miles south of St. George, Utah. The weather forecast is predicting rain for the next couple of days.The fire is currently being managed for resource benefit.
33 minutes 30 seconds ago
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