Kern River Ranger District Prescribed RX (Prescribed Fire)

4 days 13 hours ago
PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN DRIVING THROUGH PRESCRIBED BURN AREAS - Firefighters and equipment are active along the roads. Public and firefighter safety remain our #1 priority. There will be no burning the week of February 11-15, 2019 Prescribed burning has ceased temporarily on the Greenhorn Mountains due to poor burning conditions Kernville, Ca….February 2019: Hazardous Fuel Reduction projects are scheduled this winter/spring on three mountaintops within the Kern River Ranger District on the Sequoia National Forest, as well as various lower elevation burning near communities around Isabella Lake.Wednesday, February 6th, fire crews are planning to burn in both high and low elevation locations. Location #1) Along Hwy 178 in the Lower Kern Canyon, between Democrat and Live Oak. The fuel in these piles consist of brush and drought stricken and/or beetle killed trees. Location #2) Breckenridge Mountains near Golf Meadow. Location #3) Boulder Gulch Campground and Location #4) 3/4 miles...

2019 Pawnee Prescribed Fire (Prescribed Fire)

6 days 13 hours ago
The U.S. Forest Service is planning to burn approximately 1,145 acres on the east side of the Pawnee National Grassland in early spring near Keota. Burning could begin as soon as March 1 and continue through March until the burn is complete if conditions allow. Burning is anticipated to take one day. Smoke will likely be visible from Highway 14 and nearby communities. Burning on the grasslands improves wildlife habitat, particularly for the Mountain Plover, reduces the risk of wildfire, and helps reintroduce low-intensity fire into the ecosystem. Ignition of the burn will only take place if soil moisture, weather, smoke dispersal and staffing are favorable. Forest Service firefighters will staff the burn and have been coordinating with local fire departments. Crews will continue to monitor the burn area until the fire is completely out. Prescribed fires on the Pawnee National Grassland will be announced on a recorded information line at 970-498-1030. If anyone would like to receive...

Tonto National Forest Rx Burns 2018 (Prescribed Fire)

6 days 14 hours ago
Prescribed fires are essential tools for restoring the forest in our fire-adapted ecosystem, and smoke is an unavoidable byproduct of these vital efforts. Fire managers strive to minimize smoke impacts to the community as much as possible. They burn when winds and other atmospheric conditions will push the majority of smoke away from homes; they will burn larger sections at a time to limit the number of days smoke is in the air, and they work closely with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, as well as neighboring forests to monitor air quality.Crews also seek opportunities to use slash from thinning projects around the community instead of burning it. It is often used s filler at the landfill and offered as firewood to community members. Forests need the frequent, low intensity fire to remove accumulated smaller fuels and recycle nutrients into the soils to promote healthy vegetation and wildlife habitat. A healthier forest is a safer forest for firefighters and residents...

Slash Pile Burning 2018/2019 (Prescribed Fire)

6 days 14 hours ago
As winter conditions settle in across Colorado's Northern Front Range, the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests will work to burn slash piles resulting from fuels reduction and hazardous tree removal projects across the area. Hand piles are a result of using chainsaws to thin the forest. Much of the smaller cut material is piled for burning. Machine piles are the result of using logging equipment and consist of primarily the limbs of trees as most of the logs have already been removed. Piles must be burned before the treatment is complete. Public and firefighter safety is always the number one priority in burning operations. Wind helps disperse smoke created during pile burning operations and snow helps keep the piles contained. Seeing flames and smoke, even after dark, is part of normal operations. This is one way that we can help reduce the buildup of fuels on the landscape under the safest conditions. Conditions are evaluated each day to determine if ignition will...

Baldwin Lake Rx (Prescribed Fire)

1 week ago
U.S. Forest Service fire crews will continue burning operations on the Baldwin Lake project on Wed. Feb. 13. Burning may continue through Thurs. Feb. 14.The project consists of slash piles from 742 acres of vegetation thinning near the Lake Williams community on the east end of Big Bear Valley. About 106 acres have already been completed. The project, which will only occur when conditions are safe for burning, is part of a larger effort to create defensible space between neighborhoods and wildland areas. Smoke and flame may be seen from a

Shasta-Trinity Prescribed Fires 2018-19 (Prescribed Fire)

1 week ago
See the 'Announcements' and 'News' Tabs for the latest information on planned prescribed burns. As temperatures drop and the first precipitation of the season arrives, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest is conducting its fall, winter and spring prescribed fire projects. “The 2018 fire season has provided significant firefighting challenges for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, our partners and cooperators. In order to meet future challenges in the most effective way possible, the forest will continue to use tools such as prescribed burning in our mission to reduce build-up of hazardous fuels, restore forest ecosystems and improve safety of communities within the wildland urban interface,” explained Forest Fire Management Officer Ben Newburn. Pre-planned prescribed fire projects may take place at specific locations across the forest from October through June 2019. Actual project ignition will depend upon local weather and fuel conditions. Planned projects include burn piles and...

Kaibab NF South Zone Rx Fire (Prescribed Fire)

2 weeks 4 days ago
Fuels reduction efforts on the Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest will begin on Friday of this week and continue into next week as weather conditions permit. Machine piles on two separate timber sale units on the district have been evaluated and are suitable for ignition at this time. 383 acres of piles in the Wright Timber Sale area located north of Parks on the south side of Government Hill will be ignited Friday, and an additional 200 acres will begin on Monday of next week on the Shiner Timber Sale project located just southwest of Dogtown Lake along forest road 140. As winter weather conditions continue on the Kaibab National Forest, fire managers will look for additional opportunities to treat landscapes whenever appropriate.
6 hours 53 minutes ago
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