Online Resources

The resources below can help people with disabilities or access and functional needs learn how to prepare for disasters. Find information you can use, from things like alerting tools and equipment to how to create an emergency plan and kit. Caregivers and communities may also find these resources helpful.

Emergency Preparedness
Find best practices and resources to help people with disabilities better prepare for all types of emergencies. You can get information for individuals as well as for service providers and communities. (Administration for Community Living)

Emergency Warnings for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Learn how to use a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio (NWR) as an alerting tool. You can also find answers to common questions as well as equipment lists and vendors. (National Weather Service)

Individuals with Disabilities
If you have a disability or access and functional need, you will have more to think about in an emergency. Learn what you’ll need and how to make an emergency plan and supply kit. The plan can help you create a support network, gather important records, and plan for a power loss. (

Office of Disability Integration and Coordination
This site focuses on the needs of people with disabilities or access and functional needs. But anyone can learn about emergency preparedness and response. You can get news, sign up for email, and learn how you can help. (FEMA)



Last Updated: 10/04/2021