A tsunami is a series of waves caused by any large shift in an area of seawater. Most are caused by earthquakes, but they can also be caused by volcanic eruptions, landslides, undersea slumps, or meteorite strikes.

The resources below can help you learn about and prepare for a tsunami.

Find out how to protect yourself and your family before a tsunami. Learn how to make a family communication plan and what the warning signs are. Learn what to do during a tsunami and how to stay safe after. (Ready.gov)

Warnings and Forecasts
Learn how the Tsunami Warning System works and how to respond. You can also find links to other tsunami information like "The Tsunami Story," event databases, and news articles. (NOAA)

Emergency Preparedness and Response - Tsunamis
Find information on the health concerns and effects of tsunamis. You can also get tips on food and water safety. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Tsunami Preparedness
Learn the warning signs of a tsunami and the best sources for information. Get tips on how to prepare and be aware of the area around you. You can also learn how to respond during a tsunami, what to do after, and how to let your family know you’re safe. (American Red Cross)

Tsunami Hazard Mitigation
Get facts about tsunamis and learn what to do if you’re on land or in a boat when a tsunami arrives. (University of Washington)

Last Updated: 04/26/2018