Chemical Threat

Chemical threats can come from things like terrorist attacks and industrial or transportation accidents. Threats can even come from products you use at home.

The sites below can help you learn about different kinds of chemical dangers. Learn what you can do to prepare and how you should respond to a threat.

To report oil and chemical spills: Call the National Response Center (NRC) toll-free at 1-800-424-8802.

To report poison-related emergencies: Call the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) toll-free at 1-800-222-1222.

Chemical Emergencies
Learn about what chemical agents are and what may cause their release. You can also learn the signs of a possible chemical attack and what you should do if you’re exposed. (

Household Chemical Emergencies
Learn the guidelines for safely buying and storing chemicals in your home, and what to do in an emergency. ( 

Chemical Emergency Preparedness
Learn what you can do to prepare for an emergency and how you can prevent chemical accidents. You can also learn the three ways you may be exposed to a chemical and what to do in case of an event. (American Red Cross)

Chemical Emergencies Overview
Learn about chemical emergencies and the different types of chemicals. You can also learn how to shelter in place, what to do if you need to evacuate, and how to wash yourself or dispose of contaminated clothing. You can even find information for professionals. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Last Updated: 09/17/2021