Created for people with disabilities, the videos below can help you learn about disaster preparedness. They may offer American Sign Language (ASL), captioning, or transcripts.

Registering for FEMA Assistance (ASL)
This video can help the hearing impaired learn about disaster assistance. You can get contact information and learn what you need to have ready in order to register online or by phone. (FEMA)

Answers to Questions About Federal Disaster Aid in American Sign Language
Learn what you need to know about disaster assistance. Get information about things like individual assistance, how to apply, and Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. (FEMA)

Improving Services to Those with Functional Needs
Find out what FEMA is doing with other agencies to ensure everyone gets equal assistance. This includes working with agencies at local, state, and federal levels. (FEMA)

Disability Tools in a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)
By law, DRCs must be in buildings that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Learn about the tools and accommodations they offer for people with disabilities or access and functional needs. This includes signage, braille and large-print materials, devices for hearing and visual assistance, and access to interpreters. (FEMA)

American Sign Language Videos: Together We Prepare
Learn how you can prepare for an emergency. Learn how to create an emergency plan, how to shelter in place, or even how to evacuate. You can also get severe weather facts and learn what to do before, during, and after a storm. (Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Disaster Preparedness
Learn in detail how to prepare an emergency kit for your home, car, or office. You can also learn how to create a family communication plan. It should include things like meeting locations, contacts, and even a “safe” code for your children. You should also prepare to practice your plan. (Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service)

Last Updated: 10/17/2018