Program Description

The USPS Change of Address lets you enter an order to forward your mail to a new address. This can be helpful if you need to relocate after a disaster.

General Program Requirements

Anyone can use this feature to change their address and forward their mail. You can request a change for both permanent as well as temporary moves.

We can forward mail for a minimum length of 15 days. The initial forwarding period is restricted to six months. You may extend this service up to one year.

Application Process

There are two ways you can change your address:

  1. Visit the Official USPS Change of Address page to submit the order.

    You must have both of the following for us to confirm your identity:

    • A valid credit or debit card. (We add a $1.10 charge to your account to verify.)
    • A valid email address. (You get a confirmation message after you place the order.)
  2. Fill out and submit PS Form 3575, available at any U.S. Post Office.

    When you sign the form, you confirm that you are the person or a representative of the person we will be forwarding the mail to.

    You may then submit the form using one of the methods below:

    • Take or mail the form to any U.S. Post Office.
    • Give it to any Postal Mail Carrier.

You can also view, update, or cancel an order you have already submitted.

Last Updated: 10/07/2021