Program Description

If you live in a presidentially declared disaster area, you may be able to redeem savings bonds early, before the end of the 12-month holding period. Check the TreasuryDirect® Press Room page to see if any financial companies in your area may redeem bonds early.

You may also be able to get faster replacement of any paper bonds lost or destroyed in a disaster.

You may ask to both redeem and replace a savings bond if it meets the conditions below:

  • It’s less than 12 months old, and
  • It was lost or destroyed in a disaster.

TreasuryDirect no longer sells or issues paper bonds. We now issue only electronic bonds. This supports the U.S. Treasury’s goal to increase the use of electronic trade.

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General Program Requirements

To qualify, you must meet both of the conditions below:

  • Have a bond that’s been lost or destroyed.
  • Live in a presidentially declared disaster area.

No evidence of hardship or property damage is required.

Application Process

Last Updated: 06/26/2019