Program Description

The Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) program provides temporary benefits to people who, as a result of a major disaster, lost or had their employment or self-employment interrupted.

General Program Requirements

Can I get help from the program?

To qualify for DUA you must meet both of the conditions below:

  1. Your job must have been lost or interrupted as a result of a presidentially declared disaster, and
  2. You must not be eligible for regular unemployment insurance benefits.

If you lived, worked, or were scheduled to work in the declared disaster area, you may qualify for assistance if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • No longer have a job or place to work.
  • Can’t reach your job site.
  • Can’t work because of damage to the job site.
  • Were about to start a new job but, due to the disaster, the job no longer exists.
  • Can’t work because of an injury caused by the disaster.
  • Became the major support for a household because the head of household died due to the disaster.

You must be available and able to work, unless you meet one of these two conditions:

  • You have an injury caused by the disaster, or
  • You are taking steps to return to self-employment.

Application Process

How do I file a claim?

After a disaster, your affected state will publish information about DUA availability. As soon as possible, contact your state’s unemployment agency to file a claim for benefits. You can use the CareerOneStop Unemployment Benefits Finder to find the state agency you need.

In some states, you can file online or by phone.

If you evacuated or moved to another state, file a claim in the state where the disaster occurred, or you may contact the agency in the state you’re living in for claim filing help.

Visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s DUA page to learn more.

Last Updated: 01/20/2021