Program Description

The Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) offers the following assistance to farmers and ranchers:

  • Funding and technical assistance to repair damage to farmlands caused by natural disasters.
  • Help to put emergency water conservation methods in place and pay for their installation for times of severe drought.

General Program Requirements

For your land to qualify for cost-share funds, the damage must create new conservation problems that, if not dealt with, would:

  • Further damage the land.
  • Greatly affect the land's productive capacity.
  • Represent natural disaster damage that is unusual for the area (except damage from wind erosion).
  • Be too costly of a repair to return the land to production without federal help.

The FSA County Committee inspects the damage to determine if your land qualifies for ECP. Conservation problems that existed before the disaster or severe drought are not eligible.

To rehabilitate farmland, you may carry out emergency conservation actions that include:

  • Removing debris from farmland.
  • Restoring livestock dung and conservation structures.
  • Providing water for livestock during periods of severe drought.

Application Process

Check with your local FSA office to find out about ECP sign-up periods. The FSA County Committee sets the sign-up periods.

To apply, contact your local USDA Service Center.

Last Updated: 07/22/2020