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Disaster Types

  • Biological Threat -

    Resources for preparing for and recovering from a biological or bioterrorism event.

  • Chemical Threat -

    Chemical threats are most commonly found in your home or business. Find out how you can keep everyone safe.

  • Drought -

    Suggestions to minimize water usage during drought conditions.

  • Earthquake -

    Earthquakes can happen anywhere so take time to prepare for what to do before, during and after to stay safe.

  • Fire -

    Learn how to protect your home from fire or take steps to recover.

  • Flood -

    Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States. Locate resources to help you stay safe, clean up and recover from a flood.

  • Heat -

    Beat the heat with these tips to protect yourself, family and even your pets.

  • Hurricane -

    Information on hurricane preparation and recovery including dealing with hazards and cleanup.

  • Landslide -

    Landslides and mudslides, also known as debris flows, happen all over the United States. Find tips to prepare and recover.

  • Radiation and Nuclear -

    What to do if you or your loved ones have been exposed to radiation.

  • Tornado -

    Get tips on how to prepare for and recover from a tornado.

  • Tsunami -

    A coastal threat that can be triggered by earthquake or landslide, discover resources to prepare and recover from a tsunami.

  • Volcano -

    Stay safe from health hazards and disasters that can result from an eruption.

  • Wildfires -

    Advice on what to do if a wildfire threatens your home or business.

  • Winter Storm -

    Discover ways to keep safe and warm through a winter storm.