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Disaster Types

Disasters can strike in many different forms. Visit the resources we offer on these pages to learn more about different types of disasters.

For each type, you can learn how to prepare ahead of, stay safe during, and recover after a disaster.

  • Biological Threat -

    Learn about different types of biological dangers and what you can do to protect yourself.

  • Chemical Threat -

    Chemical threats can come from your home or business, industrial accidents, or terrorist attacks. Learn the types of threats and how you can keep everyone safe.

  • Drought -

    Get drought news and maps, and learn how you can help reduce water use.

  • Earthquake -

    Earthquakes can happen anywhere in our country. Learn how to prepare and what you can do to stay safe.

  • Fire -

    Fires can start by accident, an act of nature, or by arson. Learn how to protect yourself and your home.

  • Flood -

    Floods are a common hazard in the U.S. They can impact anything from a local area to a multi-state region. Learn how to prepare and about food, water, and other health and safety concerns.

  • Heat -

    Extreme heat can be a killer. Learn how you can protect yourself, your family, and even your pets from the effects of a heat wave.

  • Hurricane -

    Learn how you can prepare for hurricanes and how to deal with the hazards and cleanup.

  • Landslide -

    Landslides and mudslides can be caused by things like earthquakes, fires, storms, and volcanic eruptions. Learn what you can do to prepare, how to recognize warning signs, and what to do after.

  • Radiation and Nuclear -

    Radiation threats can come from things like nuclear power plant accidents or terrorist attacks. Learn how you can protect yourself, the difference between contamination and exposure, and what to do if you or your family are exposed.

  • Tornado -

    Tornados can happen anywhere in the U.S. and at any time of year. Get tips on how you can prepare ahead and how to stay safe after.

  • Tsunami -

    Tsunamis can be triggered by anything that causes a major shift in a large area of seawater, like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Learn the warning signs and what you should do whether on land or on the water.

  • Volcano -

    The threat of volcanic eruptions is most common in Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest, though other areas could also be at risk. Learn how you can stay safe from hazards caused by an eruption.

  • Wildfires -

    Wildfires can happen anywhere dry conditions exist and there’s debris to fuel the fire. Learn what you can do if a wildfire threatens your home or business.

  • Winter Storm -

    Winter storms can bring the threat of snow, ice, wind, and extreme cold. Learn ways you can stay safe and warm through a winter storm.